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PICOmputer 28 - BARE PCB

Set of Bare PCB'S without components = 7 parts

  • 1x Top panel board ENIG GOLD finish, black
  • 1x Motherboard, mainboard black
  • 1x Left side board
  • 1x Right side board
  • 1x Down side board
  • 1x Up side board
  • 1x Bottom cover board, black


Picture is not actual, but board are for P28

Required components - not included

Component Pcs  Description Note

Raspberry PICO

or ESP32S3 for Meshtastic

1 main green board -
DTS63K Diptronic or EVQPAC07K Panasonic 37 tactile switch 7mm height, 1N Or another 1N force is very comfortable to press
RFM95W 1 radio module For Armachat
SD card reader 1 generic  part Retro computer emulator
2.8" IPS screen 1 320x240 ST7789V IPS HC28010-D
BSS123 1 Transistor display backlight
10R 0603 1 Resistor display backlight
4k7 1 Resistor display backlight
LPT1109DS 1 PIEZO PIEZO sound beeper
JS202011CQN C&K or MSS-2235 NINIGI 1 Side Switch For power off
(work without)


  • stock 0sets (30€/set 7pcs)

PICOmputer 28 - ASSEMBED

Basic simple Retro computer emulation (ZX Spectrum, Atari 800, C64)

  • Raspberry Pi PICO
  • SD card reader
  • 18650 battery holder (optional)
  • Integrated Lion battery cca 800mAh


Preloaded firmware - ZX Spectrum 128

  • stock 0pcs (120€/pcs)

PICOmputer 28 - ASSEMBED

  • ESP32S3
  • RFM95 LoRa radio communication module
  • Small basic antenna (according to the local distributor's current stock)


Preloaded firmware by your choice

  • Meshtastic - default
    Very basic, send/receive message, Bluetooth&app is required for configuration
  •  CircuitPython + Armachat messenger - optional


stock 0pcs (150€/pcs)

  • 915Mhz for USA

stock 0pcs (150€/pcs)

  • 868Mhz for Europe

PicoZX- Handheld retrocomputer

  • Full ZX keyboard + some extra
  • 2.8" IPS display (optional)
  • VGA output (optional)
  • USB OTG (optional)
  • 9pin Atari joystick (optional)
  • Battery Charging
  • Circuitpython compatible (with LCD only)
  • Armachat LoRa communication
  • uSD for game storage


Coming soon



Simplified touch computer


Coming soon

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PCB integration

The age of the rectangular PCBs is already far away,

now PCB is not just be a carrier, it is device, enclosure or sensor

Factory for Materializing dreams

One day is it dream, but it's not just a dream, it's just a vision of the near future ...

Finding new solutions

Make simple and reliable circuit

Continuous improvement

Firmware updates

Advanced procedures

SMT assembly

Rapid prototyping