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WIFI & BLE ESP32 panic SOS button

  • Based on ESP32 
  • RGB led 
  • RG led 
  • Charging led 
  • Beeper 
  • Micro USB for charging 
  • One button 
  • CR2450 battery 
  • Fit in OKW BODY CASE

DIY GSM FR4 cell phone 

  •  charlieplexed 22x5 LED display
  • 16 keys
  • ARM atsamd21 or Atmega328
  • sim800l module, QI charging
  • ATSAM21E18
  • arduino ZERO compatible
  • USB programming
  • RF4 PCB case 2x 10cm x 10cm batch 

Single board nixie clock

  • Single board 
  • Modular power supply 
  • Ws2812 multicolor tube backlit 
  • DS3231 precise RTC
  • DS18b20 temperature 
  • Arduino compatible

Nixie / vfd tube style desktop clock

  • more colors
  •  look like VFD with ice blue leds
  • simple circuit
  • one low voltage ... 3V
  • low consumption
  • compact design
  • "transparent" digits

Some features:
DS3231, alarms, backup battery, time talking ....

Open game console / Gamebuino clone

  • This is Gamebuino clone, 
  • More about this game console you can read here http://gamebuino.com/ 
  • Very easy to assembly, minimum components

PYcARD (Jean-Luc)
Python+Arduino on card

  • wallet development platform :)
  • badge / wrist band holes ( wearable )
  • compatible board with micropython (CircuitPython) 
  • extra thin charlieplexed 110 LED display 
  • I2C header for extra sensors ( TOL distance, pressure, compass, gas )
  • DS3231 > precise RTC
  • SHT21 > temperature, humidity
  • BME280 > temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure
  • RGB led
  • Power led
  • 3+1 buttons
  • micro USB or PCB USB
  • sd card reader 
  • CR2032 battery optional power supply or DS3231 backup
  • buzzer
  • Enig gold 2mm PCB board

Blink Coin cell toys collection

Learn to solder SMD kits family 

  • Fire engine 
  • Light house 
  • Bulldozer 
  • CCCP rocket 
  • Police car 
  • Sheriff car 
  • Green Robot 
  • Pink heart 
  • UFO alien 
  • Ambulance

Retro led wrist watches


  • display QDSP - 6064
  • Atmega328
  • Temperature sensor in MCU and DS3231
  • All important communication signals on headers
  • Arduino compatible
  • You can use standard CR2032 battery, sold without.
  • high precise TCXO rtc clock DS3231
  • time talking (experimental)
  • 35mm round black board
  • motion display activation


  • time
  • date
  • seconds
  • day of week automatically calculated
  • day in year
  • week in year
  • max. days in actual month
  • temperature CPU
  • battery voltage
  • RTTTL melody player
  • Alarm 1, configurable time, date, days in week
  • Alarm 2, configurable minute, hourly beep or time talk
  • sunset time for selected earth position and date (experimental function)
  • sunrise time for selected earth position and date (experimental function)
  • moon phase (experimental function)
  • IIC scaner, list address of connected I2C devices

BPW34 solar powered led watch

Absolute world unique, one of kind and world first wristwatch

powered with Supercapacitor

USB development boards

  • Picoduino - ATTINY85
  • WINXI - SAMD21E18
  • DIXI - SAMD11C14
  • PIXI32 - pic32mx250f128b
  • USB Mass storage card for business cards
  • mini PCIE python card

Coin cell battery chargers

Two battery holders

  • LIR2450
  • LIR2032 LIR2025 LIR2016 


+ Coin cell battery emulator

LED matrix game console


  • pong 
  • falling stars 
  • invades 
  • snake 
  • breakout 
  • car race 
  • tetris 
  • jump arcade

Solar harvesting from BPW34

  • -4x BPW34 photodiodes aka solar cell 

(plastic diodes, resistant to damage against glass solar cell) 

  •  Up to 10F supercapacior 

(You can use bigger capacity but 10F is optimal for charge in one sunny day) 

  • 4 hours operation in night depends on intensity 
  • Auto night on 
  • step up converter effective use all stored energy, discharge scap until 0.3V !!!!!! 

TWO operation modes ... 


  • 1. Night mode - output is activated in night 
  • 2.Pulse mode - output is activated after capacitor is charged to startup voltag

PCB integration

The age of the rectangular PCBs is already far away,

now PCB is not just be a carrier, it is device, enclosure or sensor

Factory for Materializing dreams

One day is it dream, but it's not just a dream, it's just a vision of the near future ...

Finding new solutions

Make simple and reliable circuit

Continuous improvement

Firmware updates

Advanced procedures

SMT assembly

Rapid prototyping