I am Bobricius - The Creator
PeMi Technology - 
Factory For Materializing Dreams


I am independent hardware developer behind successful

development boards designs like Attiny85 PicoDuino,

Circuit Python enabled board Winxi (Samd21 board),

Mini ARM Dixi (Samd11 board).

Lot off led wrist watches and clocks,

etc world unique Super-capacitor powered watch ... 


I have a high level of support and always solve all the problems.
My products are based on open Arduino platform and you can always get the latest firmware, modify an existing firmware or write your own.

I am working to improve products permanently.


Testing a new technologies and expanding the possibilities

is my vision and joy of life!

PCB integration

The age of the rectangular PCBs is already far away,

now PCB is not just be a carrier, it is device, enclosure or sensor

Factory for Materializing dreams

One day is it dream, but it's not just a dream, it's just a vision of the near future ...

Finding new solutions

Make simple and reliable circuit

Continuous improvement

Firmware updates

Advanced procedures

SMT assembly

Rapid prototyping