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Factory For Materializing Dreams


  • PCBWay 5th PCB Design Contest  (Popular Prize) - (Universal touch computer)

  • HACKADAY PRIZE 2023: (Category winner) RE-ENGINEERING EDUCATION - Python Programmable Calculator (PYPRCA)



  • WIZnet Ethernet HAT Contest 2022 (Winner - Honorable mention) - WIZIBERRY – Ethernet Terminal with QWERTY keyboard and Display

  • Hackaday prize (Category winner) THE PLANET-FRIENDLY POWER CHALENGE! (ArmaLamp - supercapacitor powered solar lamp)



  • PCBWay Raspberry Pi Pico Contest (Winner) - PICOmputer - World first Raspberry RP2040 PICO - QWERTY & IPS devkit

  • HackSpace magazine issue #43 - page 16 > TOP PROJECTS (Zepir)

  • Make: Magazine, Volume 76 - page 112 (Armachat)



  • PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest  (Winner - BEST DESIGN) - (ARMACHAT - Long range wireless QWERTY communicator)
  • Hackaday Prize Community Vote (Bootstrap Award 1.place)- (ARMAWATCH & ARMACHAT - long range radio messengers)



  • Digikey & oshpark Flexible PCB Concept Contest (Winner) - (5 projects, Flexible displays & actuators)
  • PCBWAY - I CAN SOLDER KIT 2019 (Winner) - (Blink Coin cell toys collection for learn to solder)
  • Hackaday prize (Bootstrap winner) Bootstrap round (Ledcade - game console)
  • Hackaday prize (Top 30
    - 2D Flexible Stepper motor
    - smarthome multicore PLC
    - μRetro game console
    - Ant highway - linear motor
    - Easy Open Tesla coil



  • Hackaday prize (Top 20) Open Hardware Design Challenge (2D linear actuator)
  • Hackaday prize (Category winner) Robotics Module Challenge (PCB stepper motor )
  • Hackaday prize (Category winner) Power Harvesting Challenge (PCB coil joule thief)
  • MacroFab &  Mouser “Blink an LED” Challenge (Contest winner) (Solar-powered flashing LED)



  • Hackaday prize (Top 100

- Supercapacitor powered watch

- DIY FR4 GSM phone



  • Hackaday prize (Top 100)

- Picoduino - Development board AtTiny85

- DiXi - Development board SAMD11

- WinXi - Development board SAMD21





" The Hackaday Prize is the greatest hardware competition on the planet.
It’s the Academy Awards of Open Hardware, and over the last few years we’ve been doing it, we’ve seen literally tens of projects that have gone from an idea to a prototype to a finished project to a saleable product. It’s the greatest success story the Open Hardware community has. "

PCB integration

The age of the rectangular PCBs is already far away,

now PCB is not just be a carrier, it is device, enclosure or sensor

Factory for Materializing dreams

One day is it dream, but it's not just a dream, it's just a vision of the near future ...

Finding new solutions

Make simple and reliable circuit

Continuous improvement

Firmware updates

Advanced procedures

SMT assembly

Rapid prototyping